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Online musical stories designed to stimulate, captivate, and educate your child using music, dialogue, and imagery.
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Willi Rose Productions

Online musical stories that are sure to excite, engage, and educate your children or students. Get ready for fun!


Welcome to Our New Home!

After months of hard work Willi Rose and her team are excited to bring her dream of having a website to house and offer her unique collection of online children’s musical books.

We are very proud of this accomplishment and look forward to providing children’s education online through Willi’s musical stories.


The Stories

Welcome to WilliRose.com!

Each downloadable story, including music, is personally written and produced by Willi.

The stories are geared for children ages 3-8 and are designed to stimulate, captivate and educate children using music, dialogue and imagery to be used as building blocks for future musicians and star pupils in general.

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Amazing, and imaginative; these stories will delight

All stories are currently available on a subscription basis only.Once you join you will have immediate access to all online musical children’s stories, demo sheet music, videos, and Willi’s blog. We also offer a FREE 3-day trial which gives you access to one story for your child to learn from and enjoy. They will love it!

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We produce one-of-a-kind digital musical stories that are sure to excite, engage, and educate your children or students using music, dialogue, and imagery. Get ready for fun!