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Self-taught isn’t the correct term for someone who’s never had to learn.

Robby Nothstine has been an artist since he could hold a pencil. “From the first time I held a pencil I knew I knew how to draw. I used to draw and ‘write’ all over the walls, I think at the age of three. My Mother would yell at me all the time for it. I remember not knowing what the letters were, but writing in cursive with loops, and I just was so proud of myself. It was like just Ls all over the walls!” The impulse to draw on walls never left him. “If I couldn’t draw right on the wall, I would do it on paper, then tape it on the wall.” His drawings and paintings got bigger and bigger as the years went on. Robby’s family’s musical background took him to music early in life. He studied piano, clarinet, and trumpet before learning the voice, which led him to musical theater. While performing, he found himself at home in the scenic shops, learning and helping build sets for shows big and small. “The theater taught me that my images can be big! I learned how to scale things, and that just opened everything to me, it seems.” He worked in the theater and film industry in Hollywood designing sets and costumes for 10 years before burnout got the best of him.

“I needed to rethink my life. What my purpose is, you know?” “What it came down to, for me is this; a lot of artists think their art has to be political, or have some sort of social statement, and I did too! But what about pretty? Can’t some things just be pretty? Can’t a feeling be portrayed or a statement be made AND it be pretty? What is that phrase? You’ll catch more flies with sugar than you will with vinegar?” So, with that, he began making things pretty, on a large scale. He began working with designers painting faux finishes and murals in homes and businesses all over the country, working with Christmas decorating companies, and Event Production companies, and painting portraits, which he still does.

He lives in San Francisco, painting, volunteering, and working as a picture framer.

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