The Story of Lucky Mo


Product Description

This musical story is about a real doctor by the name of Dr. Joel Wallach, who is a veterinarian and naturopathic doctor. He put out a formula many years ago which included minerals, vitamins and collagen to help those with arthritis.  He often tells the story that pigs don’t have arthritis because they’re fed lots of minerals, vitamins and collagen. This is the story of a champion pig named Lucky Mo, who got arthritis and how Doc Wallach gave him all the necessary ingredients to make him well again. The evil one wants to stop all of Doc’s success and he pignaps Mo. Mo is put to the test to escape with everything against him. There’s also a love story with Mo and his lady love. Songs include:  Lucky Mo, He Treats Me Like a Dawg, Champion Prance, Little Luck, Doctor Wallach’s Pig Stuff.

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