The Adventures of Billy Bird


Product Description

Baseball fans will love the story of how Billy Bird became the mascot of the Kentucky Redbirds. In the musical story, Billy has trouble flying and all his friends try to help him in one way or another.  A small pink snail gives him a riddle to encourage him to stay on track, that it’s bright and fun. It’s an eagle by the name of Jake that leads Billy to his destiny with the Redbirds. Songs are interspersed throughout. Songs such as:  Wings are Made, Redbirds (round), The Rhythm of the Soul, Flap Your Wings, Peppy is My Name, and Peppy’s Rap.

Willi’s Audio/Visual books come in digital mp4 format. They can be viewed on any PC/MAC that can play-back mp4 format supported files. In order to load the file into an iPhone or Apple device such as an iPad, the mp4 file will need to be loaded into iTunes first and then loaded onto the device you wish to use it on.

Files can be transferred from different devices as well.

If you love Willi’s work, please consider sharing it and referring others who may benefit from the wonderful stories and learning experiences within each one. They are each handcrafted with love and Willi pours her heart into each and every adventurous story she tells. Thanks for your interest in Willi’s.


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