About Willi Rose

Willi Rose has been around awhile in many venues: Radio Personality, News Anchor, Public School Teacher, Music Teacher, Head of various committees in Emergency Services dealing with the Media, Audio Production, Music and Story Writing, and more.

Willi’s history:

She spent 30 years in radio up and down California, doing on-air mostly country music radio and news shows including Monterey, Inland Empire, Palm Springs and the San Luis Obispo area. As a radio personality, she played country music for the Monterey and the Central California Coast for many years. She finally went home to Southern California to do news and talk as she transitioned into her first love: teaching music.

With all this experience and education, her passion is in writing and producing these children’s musical books, which she’s been doing since the 90’s. They were put on the back burner for awhile until one of her current adult piano students asked about them and fell in love! The rest is history and she’s returned to her passion, stronger than ever.

What she’s up to today:

Right now, she’s the owner of a Music Academy with studios in Yucaipa, California. Not only does the studio house 8 instructors teaching every imaginable instrument, but now the studio has expanded to a new location to house theatre and dance classes. She has advanced degrees in Piano, Music Theory and Choral Conducting, plus teaching credentials in California.

For the Future:

Her hope is that her stories will not only bring music and fun to children but will also inspire stronger literacy in all age groups.