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Willi and Music

As a radio personality, she played country music for the Monterey and the Central California Coast for many years. She finally went home to Southern California to do news and talk as she transitioned into her first love: teaching music.

She taught audio production at College of the Desert, where Carson Daily did his early radio studies. Yes, he was in her class but he was so knowledgeable, that she passed him with an A without question!

Now she is President of Amena Enterprises, Inc. and works with numerous music, theatre and dance teachers.

Willi loves to educate and pass on her musical knowledge. Through Willi Rose productions she hopes to reach new audiences who want to learn more about music, song-writing and more!

Musical Story Books

Besides her fantastic background in music and radio, Willi also spends her spare time working on audio/visual story books.

The music is mostly created by Willi Rose herself, the artwork, illustrations, as well as some of the ideas are all concepts of Willi and her team at Willi Rose Productions.

Some of the Audio/Visual books include: Lucky Mo, The Adventures of Billy Bird, Nigel and the Rhino, Ajuna, The Adventures of Hamlet and Sumia and the Mystery Riddle. All of the audio/visual story books are now available for sale in Willi’s e-Shop!

Check out the sample audio below, and images from some of these wonderful stories and visit back often for news, events, and more books!

Check out some of our audio samples!

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